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Please visit our Instagram page (cultureatkearsney) for all the latest news

Please use the link below to upload your images.

When prompted to login use the following credentials:
Username: kcguest
Password: Kearsney1
Art.jpg wCulture_v2HP.jpg

To ensure we have all the relevant information please complete the entry form as follows:

  • Name: Surname_Image Name
  • Title: Image Name
  • Submitted by: Surname Firstname
  • Contact number: Your mobile number
  • Contact email: Your email address
  • School: The name of your current school
  • Category: Select from the drop-down options (HS = high school categories, PS = primary school categories) 
    • The 4 categories available in the High School Section are: Wildlife, People, Photojournalism and Dusk to Dawn (please refer to the Instagram page for full details)
    • these had to be changed owing to participants ability to leave home during the lockdown
  • Description: Any additional information you would like to submit 

Each image must be submitted separately. 

Upload a Photo{C0F1CAEF-385F-4894-A1CC-B9572529457A}&Source=/pages/result.aspxDialog
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